Coaching professionals to operate at their highest potential.



Coaching professionals to operate at their highest potential.

Let's face it, lacking focus and fulfilment is pretty miserable.

Maybe you’re struggling with pressure at work, relationships, home life, or need a new career. Or lack of clarity about your own purpose, and even general overwhelm. Even worse, you’ve heard horror stories of other people who have dealt with stress, and overwhelm and know that things can spiral out of control and become even more and challenging than they are now.

Well, I’m here to tell you something… It doesn’t need to be this way. My name is Anthony Astbury and I specialise in helping people become calm, efficient and focused.

And that’s what I want to do for you today. Give you the opportunity to, at no cost, have a free coaching session with me where I share with you my approach that can shift your entire life forever and finally help you to overcome stress, anxiety, or lack of focus and clarity.

Seriously, today can be a day that you look back on and think…

“Wow…that’s when everything changed…”

Or it can just be another Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever day of the week it is. Nothing changes. And in the future, you might wonder “What if…”.

So here’s what I suggest… If you have a niggling feeling that life could be better, in any or all areas, just give me a shot. Give me one hour to share this understanding with you. No charge. All you have to do is click the button below and we’ll get you scheduled in. I want to help to change your life. It’s what I am here to do.

Worst case scenario, if I don’t deliver, you’ve “wasted” nothing but an hour of your time. Best case, your life changes permanently and you, and those around you will enjoy the benefits until the day thou die. So, if you won’t do it for you, do it for them.

I promise that you’ll be blown away when you see what you are REALLY capable of…

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What now? What's next?

What now? What's next?

How I can help you


As an accredited Personal Performance Coach, I support you to focus on what’s most important to you, and have clarity to move ahead. You and I shall review the areas which most effect your decision-making processes and move forward using my four principles:

Who I work with


You are a person who knows that life can be challenging and it’s how we approach it that counts. I work with clients in a 3 to 12 month time frame who are motivated and serious about being the best version of themselves. You may be a young professional, an entrepreneur, a business leader, or fresh out of university. Find out more about the process and the people I work with here.

Life is a continuous journey, challenges will continue to present themselves in various forms, how you react to them will shape your future.
— Anthony Astbury

Coaching success stories


''Coaching sessions with Anthony helped me immensely and kept me focused. He supported me greatly with my goals in relation to my business, confidence and time management. I am now focused and able to distinguish between urgent necessary tasks against those less so. This contributes to stop me feeling overwhelmed. Ant has had a great impact on helping achieve my goals and he is personable, motivating, clear and professional.'' - Andrea Tyrimos - Contemporary London Artist

''Anthony helped me in my progression at work, this has resulted in promotion in an uncertain time for business and employees. Working with Anthony helped me focus on how my behavior and actions were shaping my ability to communicate with people and be prepared for promotion. The coaching helped me look at things differently, including parenting, my health and fitness, and job prospects. .''  - Tom Van De Peer - BAE Systems

''I left our sessions feeling positive and made practical steps in the right direction. It helped me break down my goals in a realistic and reasonable way.'' - M Randhawa - Changing the World

''Anthony has a natural ability to coach people with a relaxed style which immediately puts you at ease. He is a good listener and naturally manages a session focused on you and your successful outcome''. - Ali Harrington - Footprints Coaching

How to get started


The first step towards making a successful change in your life is to contact me for a free 30-minute focus session, or to ask any questions.

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