My challenges


Education to employment - Business development - Career change - Dealing with redundancy - Ending relationship - Relocation

I have successfully overcome many challenges throughout my life. My thin slice of expertise has enabled me to navigate these with confidence. In my early year’s, when major changes appeared, I had no idea how to manage a situation and deal with it effectively. From each experience, I increased my understanding of how important a clear focus and strategy can be to greatly improve your chances of a positive outcome. I moved from education to work for one of the world’s largest global diversified natural resource companies. I faced redundancy twice, I changed job roles from finance, to trading, to commodity broking, to shipping derivatives, and then relocated with my partner to start my own company.


About Anthony


'My interest in helping people and making a positive impact through coaching came after years of working long hours for large companies and one day asking, ‘Is this all there is?’ My alarm would go off at 5.30am, sit at a desk for 10hours a day, eat lunch over my keyboard and bemoan the lack of variation. Some of the positions I held were also quite toxic. You were there to make as much money as possible (not a bad thing), but days were measured on the income you generated, creating highs and lows and at some point, I realised I was living for the weekend. As I started to take an interest in coaching and the world of personal development, I was asked a question that stopped me in my tracks. ‘What value are you bringing to people?’ 'Erm…..'  I decided I needed to learn more and started a journey of learning and discovery. Coaching is the perfect opportunity to help people, make a real impact and use all of the skills I have built up over the years. I have seen the power of coaching and the positive impact it can have.

As an accredited Personal Performance Coach, it's fantastic to work with a variety of professionals from various backgrounds and sectors. This has given me a great opportunity to prove my coaching framework can be a success and help people achieve great things.